Thanks to Cecile for this feedback.  She says

“My son is now a living testimony for The Strickland Protocol!

About a year ago, we purchased the digital version of your treatment manual.

It went very well for our son, and a few weeks later, he was able to play tennis in competition again. For about 3 months then, his problem went on and off but thanks to your method, we were able to help him everytime, and he did not have to stop playing (except for the first weeks).

He is now completely healed, but we insist that he does his stretches regularly, and we have put him on preventive stretches for Severs, as a few of his friends playing tennis have this problem and we want to prevent it for him.

So thanks very much for your help, we have never really taken the time to send you this thank you and acknowledge that it worked for us, and it worked actually so well that we recommended your website and method to a few of our friends, namely Ilana Katalan lately, and our friends Jean and Cora Sibel for their daughter and a few others.”


We wish Cecile’s son all the very best in his sporting future!

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