Clinical Trials

The Strickland Protocol by Chartered Physiotherapist Jenny Strickland has had outstanding success in the active treatment of Osgood Schlatter’s disease, and the other apophysitis conditions such as Sever’s Disease. Parents can be taught how to administer her regime called ‘The Strickland Protocol’ and apply it themselves at home. It requires no drugs or medication or braces. It is based on her research and clinical practice over 12 years and a paper was presented on her initial approach at the European College of Sports Science Annual Congress in 2008.

The results showed a 95% success rate in returning patients to their sport pain free in an average of 3 weeks. This approach addresses some of the probable causes of Osgood-Schlatter’s disease and thus the symptoms resolve automatically. This can also be validated by checking Wikipedia : Osgood Schlatters Disease whereby the protocol is referenced under “treatment” section. The clinical trials abstracts can also be view on this website.

Clinical trial for Osgood Schlatter’s Disease

Clinical trial for Sever’s Disease

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