I first came across the Strickland Protocol when searching online for a cure for Osgood Schlatters for my then 11 year old daughter who did gymnastics but was in so much pain she wasn’t able to continue with the sport she loved. As her mum (and also her coach as I am a women’s artistic gymnastics coach) I was desperate to find something to help her. I purchased the protocol and followed the simple instructions and what can I say other than it worked!! It was amazing that after following the protocol exactly for around 3 weeks she was no longer in pain. She had been in so much pain she could hardly even go down stairs never mind take part in gymnastics.

As a gymnastics coach I have used this protocol on several gymnasts as it is a very common problem in gymnastics and every single one has benefited from it. I was skeptical to begin with as I thought something so simple wouldn’t be able to cure the problem but it 100% did and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Jenny has also been very helpful and always responds to emails. So thanks Jenny!!

Jane Hamilton
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Coach
North Apex Gymnastics Club

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