Happy mum thrilled to see her son smiling again.

From: Stacey

Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 3:24 PM

To: physio@proact-solutions.co.uk

Subject: My 12 year old son


I went searching online for remedies for a “knot below the knee” and found several websites that lead me to believe it was Osgood-Schlatter. My son is very athletic and likes to run, play basketball and baseball.  He started complaining about his knee being sore, especially after exercise.  He’s very sensitive to pain, so I think we caught it early.  I’m a naturalist and opposed to seeking medical help which usually leads to prescription drugs and/or surgery. Although, when his pediatrician looked at it, he said “Yep, that’s just a part of growing”. When I found your website I was thrilled!  I purchased the electronic download of the book as well as the book itself.  I think I only treated his leg for about a week and he was able to stretch and squat with no pain.  We know make sure that he’s stretching every day.  He also grew an inch in one month since this began.  To see a smile on his face and pain free, made all the difference in the world! (he’s not an easy one to keep down; he’s always got to be doing something)


Thanks again,



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