Testimonial from a Mum in USA – December 2010

This is our latest testimonial to “Cure for Osgood-Schlatters” book, which was e-mailed to use this morning from a Mum in Utah.

“My 14 yr old daughter spent a week trying out for her school basketball team the 1st of November 2010.

At the end of the week she was literally completely debilitated by the pain in her knees.   She could hardly walk.  In fact she spent that entire weekend crawling around and laying around in tears rotating ice packs and heat packs and popping Ibuprofen every 6 hrs.  Come Monday morning, we found that she was the first pick on team!   Excited but deeply concerned, I knew she could not play in the condition she was in.  She was very distraught and thought all had been lost.

I did a google search and came upon this cure for Osgood Schlatters.  I was sceptical but everyone I talked to told me that was what she was suffering from, and that she would continue to suffer from it for the next few years until she grew out of it.  I decided to take a $50 gamble and rather than take her in to the Dr for Xrays, I purchased and downloaded your manual.  We were desperate for fast results!

I sent a letter to my daughters coach notifying him of the problem and also the decision she and I had made to give this protocol a try to cure her.  I asked for his patience and understanding.  She would not be able to practice with the team for the next 2 or possibly 3 weeks.  This would take us right up to the start of the season.  I also sent a letter to her P.E. coach as well, asking that she be excused from all P.E. activities until further notice.

We did this massage daily faithfully.  After the 1st week, notice huge improvements.  So much so, that she was anxious to get back to her practice routines.  She wasn’t hurting at all.  By the end of the 2nd week she seemed as good as new!  It was really unbelievable.  I allowed her to start back to team practices as lightly as possible to start with.  She did great. She has been practicing hard now for 2 weeks, and we have completed our 2nd preseason game and Sydni has been the star player in both games, and has not been in any pain at all!   I literally want to cry when I think about her pain that weekend after tryouts and that we could have maybe chosen to pull her from the team thinking that nothing could be done.  We still do the excersizes/massages every morning.  2 minutes each leg.  It’s so worth the 4 minutes of my day to ensure she can continue to play pain free.

Thank you so much for making this possible!  And for making it affordable.  I am a single/ widow mom of 5 kids, and I’m not sure I would have dared gamble for $100 or more.  I appreciate that you are offering a life changing option for these kids, without it costing us parents a fortune.  God Bless you!”

Hi Jenny,
Just thought I’d let you know that Callum seems to have completely recovered. It took about three and a half weeks and he surprised himself with sliding down the wall one day and it not hurting-so he did it again-and still it didn’t hurt! He was sledging all day yesterday and was fine: So many thanks to you for coming up with that treatment. My GP had no idea about it.  Louise-Mum- England-3rd Dec.2010

Christian and I almost can’t believe it. We both thought six weeks ago that he would miss the entire wresting season. We can’t thank you enough. I wish all pediatricians were informed on this system. Take care  Chris-Dad-USA- 22nd Nov. 2010

I am joining in the chorus of grateful parents. Like many of them, I was a skeptic at first, but desperate to try anything to bring my 11 old son back on a tennis court. When I first told him he may have to stop playing for six months, he said “that would ruin his lfe”. He was exaggerating, of course, but only slightly. We went to see two different orthopedists and they both told us the same story : ice and rest. Nobody even mentioned physical therapy.
After I found your book online, we followed the protocol religiously. Gary was denied any physical activity more strenuous than walking. After a week, he was able to slide down the wall all the way to the floor. He returned to training after three weeks and now has played in his first tournament since the diagnosis. He played two long tough matches in one day and didn’t feel any pain at all.
Since Gary’s diagnosis, we talked to many parents and former young athletes who had the same affliction and had to either give up sports or play through pain for years. I hope you find a way to spread the word about this miraculous treatment so that all these athletic kids can enjoy what they like to do most.
Thank you very much  Olga- Mum- USA-29th November 2010

I can’t believe the results we got with your treatment! After the first treatment he was able to go an extra 6 inches down the wall ! The next day after treatment he was able to go all the way to the floor, pain free !! 5 weeks on he is totally pain free, and playing in junior pennant golf team this weekend. thank you !!!          John Horton-Dad-Australia-October 2010

We appreciate your advice and hope that your protocol becomes recognized more widely. If there is anything we can do to help speard the word here in the States, please let us know. Sincerely Thankful. Lawrence-Dad-USA-October 2010

The Strickland Protocol is so simple and what’s even better, it works !! Thank You Jean-Mum-Australia- October 2010

When my boy started to complain about his knee pain there was no bump. The pain was minor and did not interfere with his playing. Once football started, the pain worsened and I could see a bump developing. The bump was sore to touch as was the pain he was complaining about. That is when I started looking into the condition. He stopped playing because I did not want the bump to develop like his friend’s or the pain to never go away.
I am guessing that catching it early and starting your treatment soon was a good reason why the pain stopped so quickly. I am sure the treatment worked because when he slid down the wall the pain would occur at a point when the muscles were straining. During the treatment the distance increased that he could slide down the wall until the seventh day when he could slide down to the floor with no pain. During the treatment he even grew another half an inch. He was in pain for a month even when resting until he started your treatment. Thanks  Greg-Dad-USA-october 2010

“Well it’s early May and I am pleased to tell you that Matty is back to sport !! Fantastic- what a happy child and of course his parents are too. By mid April he started the ‘return to sport protocol’ and now we’re at the beginning of May, it’s wonderful that he’s returning to all activities he enoys-pain free.
Yesterday he took part in a school athletics event and when he came home he was buzzing as he was able to take part and thoroughly enjoyed running again. He should now be able to continue to build up his strength and fitness levels again and no doubt participate in all sports that he enjoys-fantastic news as this will get him off the Xbox !! Thank you for your guidance Jenny, we are so pleased we came across your ‘OSD Treatment Protocol’.” Carol-Mum- England-May 2010

Hi, yes we used your treatment and it worked 100%, the main goal now is to keep my son stretching to stop a reaccurrance of the problem, by the way following the treatment my son was picked in the Australian u13’s football side, so thank you for your help. Mick-Dad- Australia- 29th August 2010
I would just like to say a big thank you for helping my son be pain free for the first time since October 2009. We found ‘The Strickland Protocol’ on Google Search and gave it a go. James has suffered with Osgood Schlatters Disease in both knees, he is a keen sportsman, playing football twice a week, Tae-kwon-do, swimming, tennis and cycling. After seeing his GP James was to give up sport for 9 weeks and rest, he thought his life had ended (he is 12 years old), on return to sports after this time he found nothing had changed, he was still in pain, but his love for sport pushed him to continue playing. So when the summer holidays arrived I decided I needed to find something to relieve the pain and bring a smile back to his face.
Both knees had been affected by OSD, the left knee, we found, responded far quicker than his right so we had the treatment again from the beginning. Low and behold he has now played a full game of football for the first time since Sept 2009, no tears on the pitch just one huge grin. I would say the treatment took about 3 weeks in total.
So once again, a big thank-you for giving me a happy son for the rest of the holidays. Mary-Mum-18th August 2010-UK

Just thought I would E-mail to say that after 3 weeks of using Jenny’s methods my son is a different child. I was a little sceptical of buying a ‘magic solution’ from the Internet, but once I read your material I was convinced it would work- and so far so good. Rachel – Mum- 16th July 2010 – UK

This testimonial is too long to show the full version, Mrs Sheldon has kindly allowed us to send the full version to anyone who requests it.
My 12 year old son has experienced discomfort in his knees for almost 8 months. We live in Canada and ice hockey is our national sport. We eat and breath hockey and my son plays at a very high level. The knee pain was getting extreme for my son and if you know hockey players they usually endure the pain and move on. The specialist ruled out a stress fracture and diagnosed our son with Osgood Schlatters. I decided to take the risk and download the E-book, that was very convenient instead of waiting.
My son is returning to normal after many months of aggrivation and I don’t know how to thank you except to tell you that you can use this story in your testimonials and if you have any skeptics out they can E-mail me with questions. Thank You Thank you Thank you Mrs Sheldon- Mum- 12th May 2010-Canada

Dear Jenny, I recently purchased your e book and I would like to say  a big thankyou, 8 days after my son started the treatment he was pain free when doing the wall slide, we are now working on the stretches. he is doing some running and kicking and is still pain free. He has been suffering since November. He is hoping to make the team for Sunday’s game and play for the first time in months. Mr D Tipper – Dad- 30th April 2010- England

After much procrastination we have treated my son Patrick with Jenny’s method with huge success. Thank you very much. Patrick has started this years soccer season with no pain what so ever. We are all very delighted and grateful. Sue McHugh Mum – 18th April 2010- Australia
Can I express my extreme gratitude to Jenny Strickland and yourselves for creating the opportunity for my son to regain fitness. In his own words ‘my club physio told me to ice my knee and let it settle down for 2 months, but I became frustrated and wanted to get back to playing again; dad told me about your website so we gave it a try and i’m back playing within a week of treatment; i’m happy and would like to say thanks’, please feel free to use this as an endorsement.
He also tells me his knee feels stronger and he is also using the stretch programme as well. I am staggered at the length of time it took to regain fitness and i’ve been telling only positive stories of the treatment: any parent or people from the medical profession can E-mail myself for my opinion. Mr Lashley Dad- 6th April 2010-UK

I had great success! We started your treatment program two weeks after his diagnosis and after a week of treatment, my son was able to perform the wall slide with no discomfort. I was amazed and he is back to playing Little league Baseball. Thank you so much. I wish your method had been around 22 years ago when I was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter’s. I quit playing sports on the recommendation of my Doctor, was prescribed 800 mg Ibuprofen, and still dealt with the pain as I grew. I am so grateful that my son won’t have to go through what I did. Mr Herman Dad- March 25th 2010 USA

So far going very well thank you. No pain and keeping up the stretches. Long may it last. Thank You. Mr Wells Dad 25th March 2010-New Zealand
Yeha, It’s apparently gone. He stretches daily and has returned to his club team as of last week. In fact was asked to join the team for a tournament in Palm Springs. So now it’s been 4 days of 2+ hours strenuous practise and or games and no pain.
How cool is that. The 30 pounds (or whatever that is in dollars)was totally worth it! Mr Birk Dad 24th March 2010-USA

I purchased the on line version exactly 4 weeks ago today for my 14 year old son. He was complaining of a burning sensation and pain in both knee caps although he didn’t have any lumps.
My son plays pro youth football for a senior Scottish club and has access to physios who diagnosed Osgood Schlatters Syndrome as the likely cause of his problem and they recommended R.I.C.E. treatment (rest, ice, compression and elevation). I wanted to get him back playing as soon as possible and seen your website online and decided to try it. For the first week I gave him the treatment after doing the wall slide and he done the recommended stretches. He refrained from all sports activities, no training with his team or PE at school.
Last Sunday 14 March he managed the full wallslide without any pain and he resumed training last Monday (he trains 4 nights a week) and had no reaction. Today Sunday 21 March he played 60 mins for his team with no reaction. He knows he must continue his excercises until he stops growing and he has made this part of his daily routine.
Simple but effective treatment.  Mr Davidson Dad 21st March 2010-Scotland

I had to write to let you and Jenny know…….we are absolutely thrilled and can’t thank Jenny enough!!!!  We started Stephanie’s treatment four days ago (immediately after receiving and reading Jenny’s book). Stephanie’s first wall slide 4 days ago had her slide all of 17cms (no far) before the knee pain set in. Daily treatment and daily wall slides later; she slid right down the wall to the floor this morning…… and no pain whatsover.
She then proceeded to do housework all morning (a rare occurence especially the last few weeks when she’s been a couch potato) but fantastic to see as she was happy and smiling as she went!  Something we’ve not seen a lot of for several weeks – movement or happiness!
We can’t thank Jenny enough for this amazing help. We know not to race Stephanie back in to all her sports (tennis, hockey, athletics, cross country & more) but we are so thrilled with Stephanie’s rapid improvement and to have passed the first treatment phase in only 4 days. Now we move on to the stretching exercises and easing her back in to her sport. Stephanie says a big thank you too as for the first day in 4 weeks, it is starting to be her usual happy self again.
P.S We have told lots of our sporting friends about Jenny’s book and will continue to promote it too! Pete, Sandra and Stephanie March 2010-New Zealand

I wish I had started Jenny’s Strickland Protocol on my son’s leg much earlier! I found the treatment and the recovery amazing. It is such a simple procedure and it works really fast. He is pain free now and he plans to get back to light training within next week and see how it goes from there. With Jenny’s protocol he is very optimistic because everything went so well and his recovery was faster than what we expected. He hopes that with stretching and light exercises he will be able to return to his football training that he loves so much. I suggest you buy the book , it is user friendly and I always go back to refresh my mind and apply the protocol.”Anne/March 2010-Cyprus

Talbot woke on Sunday morning, (and this little bit was the really unusual bit)- his voice was excited and he was animated and truly greatful “Mum, today is the first time in a year I have no pain.” I didn’t understand what he meant, he repeated the same sentence. To think he has suffered for so long and I dismissed it so lightly for so long- growing pains was my thought, I had them, so to did his older sister and brother. We all have the lumps on the knees. Today is Thursday and he can slide all the way down the wall. We will wait a little longer and keep up the stretching then ask for an xray to confirm what we hope for. Please let Jenny know she had made  ahuge difference to our happy young man. Lia mum (Fe. 2010)-New Zealand

“By the way, I’ve been doing the treatment on my daughter’s legs for  5 days now and we see a substantial improvement on the wall test. The rest, ice and stretch recommendation given to us by the doctor really hasn’t done her any good. Thanks for the hope ” Michele Maczuga (Jan’ 10)-USA

“We started the treatment on 21st Dec and Sam is now pain free – marvellous! Many thanks for your support and thank goodness I fell upon your website!”    Sue Hills (6th Jan’10)-England

“I found your treatment and the recovery has been fantastic. It is such a simple procedure and the effects are amazing. I will certainly recommend your treatment to any friend’s whose child shows similar symptoms” Doug Ryall (Dec’09)-England

“My lad has done fantastically well. After 2 weeks of treatment and no sporting activity at all he could complete a full wall slide drop with no pain at all. The lump has shrunk in size and he has progressed from the initial treatment onto daily quad stretches. I am hoping he can get back to light training within the next week and see how it goes from there. I  can tell you I am hugely impressed with the Strickland Protocol and with Jenny’s permission I would like to tell others at coaching schools or seminars to look up her website. After the hospital telling us to rest and he will grow out of it and other sites telling us it could take 2 years to cure I was at my wits end for the lad but with Jenny’s protocol and the position he is in after 2.5  weeks we are both ecstatic and looking forward to returning to the beautiful game that he loves more than anything else in the world. Thanks for your support .  Noel Dad-Dublin

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