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What can I say, superlatives fail me.  I suppose Thank You! would be a good place to start.  As you may have guessed, I was a little sceptical about any suggestion of a miracle cure or fast-fix for a disease that threatens to curtail or completely prevent sport for upto two years.  However, my misgivings were completely unfounded.  We took part in James’s rehabilitation as a family and were extremely happy with both the results and how quantifiable on a day-to-day basis the improvements were.   After just twenty-four hours there were measurable improvements in pain free mobility and just one week after implementing the second stage of the protocol, James was completely pain free.  We maintained the protocol for a further week before returning to sporting activity, as recommended and I can report that after one week of easing into what can only be considered a gruelling middle distance training program, James has shown no signs of the injury recurring.  As per the protocol’s advice, James has now integrated the series of stretches and massages into his daily routine and we hope that we can now wave goodbye to Osgood-Schlatter’s disease and concentrate on a heavy workload of winter training.
As promised, I will be writing a glowing review and will be sure to include both the website and reference Amazon as to where copies of your publication can be purchased.  While I cannot guarantee that these will not be edited out by any advertorial adverse editor, I would certainly hope that they would remain as what’s the point of publishing an article on what I consider to be enhancements in the field of physiotherapy, if nobody then knows where to source it.

Once again, thank you for your generous supply of the publication and please pass on our many thanks to Jenny Strickland, who we hope to one day thank in person if James makes it into Team GB.

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Here at Proact we wish James every success for the future and will certainly be looking out for him on Team GB in the future. 

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