The testimonial sent back in 2011 explains how a mum has to stop her son playing soccer whilst he was undergoing the treatment. This can often be one of the biggest challenges for the parent!

Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 1:47 PM


Subject: RE: Osgood Schlatter Treatment Book



My 12 year old soccer playing son was having pains below his knees–especially the right one–once he began training again this last September. Though we didn’t go to a doctor, both my son’s coaches and I felt these pains were due to my son’s recent growth spurt. I bought the book, and disobeyed the cardinal rule: stop playing. My son was on a new, higher-level team, and, as the pains were not particularly strong–more annoying to him than anything at this point, I wanted to first see if we could remedy the situation without putting him on the shelf for three or more weeks, and thus falling far behind his new teammates. He skipped one practice session, I did the treatments twice a day, and the pain subsided almost immediately, was gone completely within a week, and has not come back. So, to answer your question, the treatment went fantastically. Thanks from a satisfied customer.


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