Dear Bill,


First of all thank you very much for sending me all of that information so promptly.


I also wanted to inform you on the progress of my 11 year old daughter with  Sever’s symptoms.


She has been struggling with hill and ankle pains in both legs for the last year and a half . Our GP and physiotherapist did not diagnose the exact issue and the treatments they recommended did not improve the situation at all. I decided to google her symptoms and found out about the Strickland Protocol.


As soon as we received the details of the protocol , I managed to convince my daughter  to follow it to the letter ( even though it was very tough as she is extremely active) . After 2 weeks she was completely pain free, but as I was afraid of the pain coming back , she was only allowed to go back to her normal activities very very slowly over 2 weeks . I am very happy to report that she was still pain free after going back to an intense camogie training last Saturday.


She is still doing her stretches twice a day and she understands she needs to keep doing them for the next few years ; however as she does not want to experience the same pains again this is not an issue.


I still found unbelievable that something so simple has worked so well , so quickly.


Thank you so much to you and Jenny  from both of us for sharing the protocol with us.


P.S :  I have of course mentioned to my family in France how the protocol worked so well  and they know somebody who may benefit from it. Would you have by chance a French version that they could order?


With Kind Regards,



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