Please note that the MD below means a “Doctor of Medicine”.



My name is Kaja (Jo’s wife) and I am happy to give you feedback on the treatment:

I am the mother of a boy, 12 years old, who is very dedicated to his sport, tennis.

While playing a match without proper warming up, he experienced the knee pain the very first time.
He felt pain below his right kne cap, especially when flexing his knee extremely. The pain continued,
however only when he flexed the knee. After a week or two, also a bumb below the kne cap could be observed.

As I am an MD, I soon realized that this was Osgood-Schlatters disease. I desperately seeked the internet for good
surveys and papers on O-S, both to get a grasp of what was the state-of-art-treatment,
but also to be updated on the average time we could expect it to last. Good surveys were actually
hard to find, and as to treatment, most recommendations included reduced activity, strecthing,
improving strength in the muscles in the back of the thigh.

I also came across a lot of alternative treatment, such as homeopathic treatment,
however, as an MD, these things are hard to believe in. Then I came across the Strickland protocol.
It seemed sensible and trustworthy, so we decided to try
(I was at all not convinced that this would be able to treat the O-S, but treatment and rest could not hurt, anyway).
We followed the protocol strictly. The treatment  and avoiding pain causing activity worked amazingly well.

We also did the measuring of the improvement on the wall, and he was able to squat (bend down) a 100%
without pain after only 7-10 days after we started. After this, he has not felt pain in his knees anymore!!

(Actually, I still think it’s almost too good to be true). He waited two ore three weeks more before he actually
dared to put more strain on his knees, but then he gradually increased the strain, and now he has been doing
“normal training” for a week. He has many friends who have struggled with OS for years, so this feels pretty
amazing, and we are crossing our fingers that the pain will not return.

(We actually still do the daily treatment and he is stretching and warming up before every training.)

We are thankful to the Strickland Protocol, and we’ll fullheartedly recommend it to others struggling with O-S disease.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Kaja D











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