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This is what a very happy Dad told us about his 11 year old son, who was cured of Osgood Schlatters in just ONE WEEK.

Here goes, word for word:

Well, we didn’t quite follow the protocol as intended, but it worked great!

Let me explain.  My son is in 6th grade (aged 11) and began having the pain on the bone below his kneecap.

As an Osgood-Schlatter survivor, I guessed what it was.  The pain was exasperated by jumping and running and would also hurt when bending the knee or pushing against resistance.  Everything I observed told me it was OS based on my own experience and on researching yours and other sites.

So, I paid for the program.  Normal treatment would have been rest and inactivity.  We ordered the program right before summer conditioning for football (American) began.  My son started doing the program and did not participate in the conditioning, but two weeks later, he started practice.  I know we weren’t supposed to play until the symptoms were completely gone, but he just couldn’t not play.

My son saw improvement during the two weeks prior to practice beginning, but it slowed a bit once they got in pads and started playing and hitting,  but I am happy to say that by week 3 or four of the season (actual games) he was pain free and played through the end of the season and playoffs without any more pain and he doesn’t have knobby knees, at least not yet.

We will continue doing the stretching and will continue to ask him about his knees, but it seems, at least for now, that his OS symptoms are completely gone.  Thanks for providing something other than the mainstream, quit playing and rest treatment.  My knees are ruined today because that is what I was told as a kid (which I completely ignored because I wanted to play) but thanks to you, my son was able to play AND treat the problem at the same time!

Thank you very, very much!  If you have any questions, feel free to write me back!!!!



Norman, OK.

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