From Georgia, USA. A grateful father whose son is now pain-free of Osgood Schlatters


Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 4:3 PM


Subject: Thank You ,because it works


Dear Ms Jenny,


My son ,  a 12 year old and very active in competitive sports ,started suffering from Osgood- schlatter
in early November 2011 during basketball season  .

In his case he could not even climb steps with a very severe pain in his left knee. We did everything possible for 3 months .
Rest ,ice ,anti-inflammatory meds and even 5 weeks of immobilization during school hours

but really nothing worked. I had read everything that has been written about the condition .
The Sport Medicine Doctor answer to us was not acceptable .He said “it could be two weeks two moths

or two years” but it will resolve itself  eventually the best treatment for this is “RICE” or immobilization)

Try to tell that to a kid that love sports . One night I found a video of the Strickland protocol with you talking
about your treatment and I felt that there was hope . I purchased the manual follow the treatment and in
four weeks my son was pain free .Right now we are in the middle of the travel baseball season and he is
working hard to get back in shape and yes pain free . I wish that We knew about this treatment earlier
because we wasted and suffer for three months and the cure was there .

Thank  you Ms Jenny for not giving up on all this young athletes and for making this treatment available .


Georgia Usa

Ps: thank you for answering my previous email we will always be grateful

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