This blog was based on the idea from our latest happy parent. So here is her e-mail which arrived several days ago…

Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 2:55 PM
To: physio
Subject: Re: OSD feedback

Hi Jenny

Its my pleasure to give you much deserved feedback . I came across your protocol by searching the internet for any type of treatment, exercise or advise I could get on dealing with the pain of Osgood-Schlatter’s, the money and time spent on physical therapy was much more then investing in your Strickland Protocol. My son  puts so much heart and hard work into his sports. I had to find something to help.

My thought process was this, I have lost much more money on many occasions on trivial things. The investment to at least say I tried was worth it, and I owed that to my son who is such a great kid! Not only was he able to return to playing his favorite sports, he is now playing a more demanding position at point guard for his high school basketball team. Jenny, I think if a parent looks at their child suffering with Osgood-Schlatter’s, he or she would no doubt make that investment in their child’s happiness. Comparing what you can gain as opposed to losing out on fifty dollars. Its a no brainer to me. You have my permission to use my comments on your testimonial page. It is the least I can do to say Thank You. I will continue to tell others the success that we have had. I will continue to recommend it to others. Thanks Jenny! I will continue to keep you posted with my sons success. How about having a page set up to show case the sports accomplishments /success of some of your patients. I know facebook kind of does that, but some people do not frequent facebook.

But if they come upon your page off of a search like I did.

It may help get the word out.

Because if it was not for the success of your protocol, these kids would in all likelihood give up on sports. And at such a very critical time in their lives ,Sports is so important in helping them become responsible grownups. The importance of being part of a team sport plays such a important role in many ways throughout their lives.

Just food for thought.

We are part of the Strickland team now. Good Luck and continued success.


Best regards,


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