In the following case it was the sufferer himself, young Charlie who researched Osgood Schlatter’s Disease on Google and found The Strickland Protocol!

His Mum e-mailed us with the story…


Sent: 29 Feb 2012 20:50

Hello Jenny !!


Thank you for your prompt reply.  My son has battled this for about a year

so unfortunately I think his lumps are hard and might be here to stay.    I

share your aggravation with ‘standard medical advice’.  My husband is a

chiropractor and shares your philosophy of fixing the problem not masking it

🙂    I have to share how we came upon your website.  My 14 year old son

Charlie had had enough with the pain and discomfort associated with his OSD

and took it upon himself to search the internet and find a solution.  He

excitedly had my husband and i read all your testimonials and said

emphatically ”  can we PLEASE GET THIS  !!!”    After reading all the

convincing testimonials we ordered it ASAP.   Within one day he was pain

free in his right leg.  We have been doing the wall test and each day he

improves.  His left leg is improving dramatically but i’m keeping him from

ALL activities at this point until that leg is pain free as well.  He is an

avid skateboarder, loves football, basketball and is thinking of learning

Lacrosse.  We are soo pleased with your protocols and can’t thank you

enough.  It’s so simple and yet makes so much sense !!


You are more than welcome to use my comments for your testimonial page.

Have a great day and keep up the awesome work you do !



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