This is an email from James, father of British Judo Champion, Archie. We look forward to seeing some photos, and wish Archie all the very best in his Judo career.

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> From: James
> Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2013 11:31 AM
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> Subject: Re: Judo player with Osgood schlatters
> Jenny,
> I just wanted to say thank you for both developing the Strickland protocol
> and supporting Archie through his recent episode of Osgood Schlatters Disease.
> Archie is a very keen 13 year old Judo player, and is British Champion at
> his age.  He was devastated to discover on our return from holiday, that
> after one judo session he couldn’t walk downstairs and had Osgood Schlatters in both
> knees.
> Having seen OSG devastate my brothers running career as a teenager (9
> months and one operation later) I was worried, as Archie lives for judo.
> We were lucky that I found your treatment straight away. After 3 weeks of
> treatment and one slight relapse where he didn’t stop 100 percent (our
> fault) he was back fighting on the mat. While he was disappointed as he
> failed to win his first competition he came through pain free and still
> managed a 3rd and is back training for the nationals in December.
> I genuinely can’t thank you enough. I was originally skeptical given it
> seems like a miracle cure but it really worked. He’s been pain free now
> for 2 weeks and fingers crossed we are keeping the treatment up to keep him
> this way.
> Many thanks for all you support.
> (My phone broke so lost photos but will send you one from the next
> competition he medals – he is in Belgium fighting at end of sep so
> hopefully
> then!)
> Regards
> James

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