Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2012 2:35 AM


Subject: It worked!


I am so grateful to have found your manual for my 12 year old son.

We were in the midst of Little League season when his knee swelled up and he had a hard time walking, much less playing.

His doctor said no more P.E. for the rest of the school year, and he’d have to wait until he “outgrows it”.

I researched Osgood Schlatters quite a bit, and found multiple referrals for your treatment.  This is a hard time for us financially,
so I chose to try ordering your manual before going the routes recommending by well-meaning friends (chiropractor for $295, physical therapy, etc…).

I followed your protocol each morning before he got out of bed, for 2 minutes.  What we did not do, however, is stop him from playing baseball.
The treatment got him through the remaining games pain-free, although it would flare up the next day.  After a few weeks, however, the pain stopped altogether.
His knee is still a little swollen, but it doesn’t give him anymore problems.  I consider the purchase of your manual to have been the best investment for controlling his Osgood Schlatters.

Thank you so much for sharing it!









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