The following e-mail is from Belgium. Bart explains how his son could wall slide after just days of following Jenny’s treatment for Osgood Schlatters.

> From: Bart

> Sent: 06 July 2012 20:53

> To:

> Subject: Re: Osgood Schlatter Treatment Book


> Dear jenny,


> Thanks for your interest.

> I believe the treatment is going well. My son has OS at both knees,

> but after a few days of treatment he was able to do the full wall

> slide.

A  few weeks later he has gradually resumed regular ‘playing’ sports


> actvities with his friends. I have the impression his movements are

> not very fluid yet, but he claims there is no pain anymore.


> We are still doing daily treatment, but i am

> wondering whether there is something more which can be done,

> anticipating that regular soccer practice will resume in 3weeks from

> now….any muscle strengthening exercises maybe?


> So far, we are very happy we learnt about your therapy…and i am

> actually very surprised we did not get similar advise from doctors and

> fysiotherapists we have been seeing.


> No specific comments on the layout the book; it’s pretty basic, but

> that’s ok.

> A bit more elaboration on strengthening exercises might be

> useful, though. I know there is a lot out there on the web, but i am

> reluctant to just pick out some exercises, without the proper context.


> Glad to stay in touch,


> Warm regards,

> Bart

> 2470

> Belgium



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