Aidan has just turned 12yrs and has gone on to be senior boy champion in swimming for his town. However he has battled Osgood Schlatter’s Disease like many other active youngsters.

Last year (2011) at his primary school when he was 11yrs he went on to western districts Osgood Schlatters cure helps champion swimmerwhere his relay team won a  medal, then he won the senior boy champion at the athletics carnival. Aidan then went on to get a place in all four events he entered at western region.

Now he is having tennis coaching lessons. A very active boy indeed. But alas he was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatter’s DIsease.

Because of the Osgood Schlatter Treatment nobody knew what to do. It was nearly a year or so where he couldn’t do anything without it hurting again. It would be good for a while when he wasn’t doing anything on it, then any strenuous exercise it would hurt again!

Aidan’s parents tried everything. Nothing seemed to work. They then bought
The Strickland Protocol manual.

Within two weeks of starting the Osgood Schlatters treatment on the leg Aidan’s mum Suzie said “could feel the leg healing over the two weeks and he could go right down to the floor squatting without it hurting. Aidan hasn’t looked back.”

Suzie continues “I only hope the coachers know what exercises to do for what sport there doing to warm up and  I hope he keeps his exercises up each day as well we were trying to work out which exercises  were the most important  to do each day even if their  not playing sport on the day  thanking you very much I couldn’t believe the short time it took to heal his Osgood Schlatters. He had it for a year before that it was amazing… ”

Aidan’s parents have asked is not to use his surname, which we fully respect.

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