My 13 year old son is a very high level tennis player with designs on becoming a professional. Osgood Schlatters Disease wiped out his 2016 in-door and out-door seasons. We were 6 months pulling our hair out, with the problem worsening instead of healing. No one could help, even a world class rehab clinic we have here at the local university. In desperation I came into the office one day, cleared my desk and set about researching on the net. It took me all of 5 minutes to find you. Long story short, we followed your protocol to a T.

Everything you said would happen did happen and right on schedule. We took the stretching part much further because we have a very good trainer. We did the full wall slide in 22 days. My son has now been pain free for almost a week and is back on court doing the return to sport section, again modified for his tennis movements.

I tell everyone who will listen about you. You’ve saved his career and I am forever in your debt.


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